Foreign entrepreneurs

If you want to develop a business in Spain, take advantage of the benefits that the law of entrepreneurs offers.

If you want to develop a business in Spain, take advantage of the benefits that the law of entrepreneurs offers.


In accordance with Spanish Law 14/2013 of September 27, on support to entrepreneurs and their internationalization, non-resident foreigners who wish to enter Spain to make a significant financial investment may apply for a residence visa for investors.

If you develop an entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial activity, of an innovative nature, and you think it has a special economic interest for Spain, you can benefit from the residency regime for entrepreneurs.

In Abogados DVA we carry out all the necessary steps so that you can carry out your venture and also obtain the necessary permits to reside in Spain.

It is important to note that obtaining a legal residence in Spain allows you and your family the entry, exit and to have free movement through any of the countries of the EU states, specifically throughout the Schengen territory.

Also, after spending time with that legal residence, you may choose to apply for Spanish citizenship.



A visa, if you are out and need to come to Spain to complete the necessary procedures to start up the entrepreneurial activity.


An authorization, if you are in Spain and can start your project. There is no minimum investment or employment. An individual analysis of each project is always carried out. Therefore, you must provide a business plan for your project that will allow you to assess its economic interest for Spain.

Who can request it?

The entrepreneur himself or a duly accredited representative attaching the application according to the official model.

Where is it requested?

If you are outside of Spain: You will apply for a residence visa for an entrepreneur at the Consulate of Spain in the country of residence.

If you are legally in Spain or have an entrepreneur visa: you will apply for a residence permit for an entrepreneur in The Unit for Large Companies and Strategic Economic Sectors (UGE-CE).

How is the project valued?

The experts of the General Board of International Trade and Investments will value:


Your professional profile: Training and professional curriculum, as well as your involvement in the project.


The Business Plan, which must contain, at least: Description of the project: business activity to be developed, start date, location, expected legal form of the company, potential economic impact of the investment, description of the number of jobs that are believed that to be necessary and their functions and qualifications, planned promotional activities and sales strategy.

Description of the product or service: the description will be detailed and will include innovative aspects.

Market analysis: market valuation and expected evolution, description of potential competitors, valuation of potential consumers and analysis of supply and demand.

Financing: required investment, sources of financing and financial plan.


The added value for the Spanish economy.

How long does it last?

Visa: 1 year.

Initial authorization: 2 years.

Renewal of authorization: 2 years.

What documents must be submitted?


Public or private medical insurance with an entity operating in Spain.

Criminal record.

Accreditation of economic solvency.

In the case of a visa: Favourable Report issued by the Economic Office.

Commercial of the Spanish embassy in the area of geographical demarcation where you reside.

In case of authorization: Business plan.

Can family members join the entrepreneur?

Yes, at any time they may apply, jointly or successively, for authorization and/or visa.

Spouse or common-law partner.

Children or children who depend economically on the holder.

Aged dependant relatives


The visa and authorization are valid to work and reside throughout the national territory, including family members if they meet the age provided in labour regulations.

Quick deadlines Visas: 10 days.

Quick deadlines Authorizations: 30 days approx.

The application for the residence permit or its renewal at the UGE-CE automatically extends the stay or residence of the applicant in Spain until his file is solved.

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